Welcome to HTMLEscape.net

This website has a collection of useful tools for handling special characters, which we have developed over the years.

HTML entities

We have two tools for handling HTML entities.

- HTML Escape - Handles special characters like < and > and characters above the char value 127.
- HTML un-escape - Removes HTML entities and makes text in source code readable again.

Strings in JavaScript, Java and .NET

Handling special characters in languages like JavaScript, Java and .NET can be problematic.
Our tools handles all those special characters and replaces problematic characters with the correct escape codes.

Un-Google link

If you have started an adwords campaign and want to test your link, or if you just want to get the real link URL from a Google search result, then this tool can extract the URL from the link presented by Google.

SEO Friendly URL

Simple tool for making those SEO friendly URLS.
The URL is replaced with valid ASCII chars and the most common special characters (e.g. æøå) are replaced with ascii chars.

HTML5 image batch resizing

Try our new HTML5 image batch resizing tool for Google Chrome at: